Imperative Sentences to Passive Voice with Exercises

Imperative Sentences to Passive Voice

Definition of Imperative Sentences to Passive Voice

Imperative Sentences to Passive Voice

Imperative sentences consist of a command, instruction, request, or a piece of advice. (Part 1)

Moreover, the element of ‘warning or prohibition‘ also found in imperative sentences. (Part 2)

Part 1

Examples of Imperative Sentences 

Open the door.

Shut the door.

Speak the truth.

Give me some money.

These are a few active voice sentences.

The formula of Passive Voice

Let + Object + be + 3rd form of the Verb

Open the door.  (A.V)

Let the door be opened.  (P.V)

Speak the truth.  (A.V)

Let the truth be spoken.  (P.V)

Drive the car.  (A.V)

Let the car be driven.  (P.V)

Bring me a glass of water.  (A.V)

Let the glass of water be brought for me.  (P.V)

Imagine the scene.  (A.V)

Let the scene be imagined.  (P.V)

Give some money.  (A.V)

Let some money be given.  (P.V)

Respect the elders.  (A.V)

Let the elders be respected.  (P.V)

Love your mother.  (A.V)

Let your mother be loved.  (P.V)

Drink the juice.  (A.V)

Let the juice be drunk.  (P.V)

Wash the floor.  (A.V)
Let the floor be washed.  (P.V)

Turn on the light.  (A.V)
Let the light be turned on.  (P.V)

Switch off the T.V.  (A.V)
Let the T.V be switched off.  (P.V)

Pick up the phone.  (A.V)
Let the phone be picked up.  (P.V)

Solve the questions.   (A.V)
Let the questions be solved.  (P.V)

Listen my words.  (A.V)
Let my words be listened.  (P.V)

Instruct the students.  (A.V)
Let the students be instructed.(P.V)

Take a cup of tea.  (A.V)
Let a cup of tea be taken.(P.V)

Open my bank account.  (A.V)
Let my bank account be opened.(P.V)

Have your cake.  (A.V)
Let your cake be had.(P.V)

Offer your prayers.  (A.V)
Let your prayers be offered.(P.V)Play the straight shot.  (A.V)
Let the straight shot be played.(P.V)
Switch on the air cooler.  (A.V)
Let the air cooler be switched on.(P.V)

Wash your hands with great care.  (A.V)
Let your hands be washed with great care.(P.V)

Avoid the bad company.  (A.V)
Let the bad company be avoided.(P.V)

Drink pure water.  (A.V)
Let the pure water be drunk.(P.V)

Brush your teeth two times a day.  (A.V)
Let your teeth be brushed two times a day.(P.V)

Comb your hair.  (A.V)
Let your hair be combed.(P.V)

Arrange the chairs in two rows.  (A.V)
Let the chairs be arranged in two rows.(P.V)

Listen to the lesson carefully.(A.V)
Let the lesson be listened to carefully.  (P.V)

Understand the main point.(A.V)
Let the main point be understood. (P.V)

Write a paragraph.  (A.V)
Let a paragraph be written.  (P.V)

Wash your hands.(A.V)
Let your hands be washed.(P.V)

Part 2

Moreover, the element of ‘warning or prohibition‘ also found in imperative sentences. (Part 2).

These sentences can also be said “Negative Imperative”.


Don’t tell a lie.

Don’t make that sound.

These are few active voice sentences.

The formula of Passive Voice

Let + Object + not + be +  3rd form of the Verb

The difference is not of ‘not’ that will be added right before ‘be’.


Don’t tell a lie.  (A.V)

Let + Object + not + be +  3rd form of the Verb

Let + a lie + not + be +   told

Let a lie not be told.  (P.V)

Don’t make that sound. (A.V)

Let that sound not be made. (P.V)

Don’t touch the electricity wire. (A.V)

Let the electricity wire not be touched.  (P.V)

Don’t disturb the people. (A.V)

Let people not be disturbed.  (P.V)

Don’t pluck the flowers.(A.V)

Let the flowers not be plucked.  (P.V)

Don’t imprison the birds.(A.V)

Let the birds not be imprisoned.  (P.V)

Don’t watch T.V excessively.(A.V)

Let the T.V not be watched excessively.  (P.V)

You should learn the complete topic given below:

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