What is an Adjective | Definitions Types Examples

Learn an adjective and types with definitions of every type with examples and exercise.

What is an Adjective | Definitions Types Examples

Students Learning Outcomes(SLOs):

The students and learners will be able to learn:

  • Definition of Adjective.
  • How Adjective is formed from Nouns
  • Concept.
  • Examples of Adjectives.
  • Definitions of very types of Adjective.
  • Examples of All Types.
  • Differentiation among all Types.
  • Excercise

What is an Adjective | Definitions Types Examples

Definition of Adjective:

The adjective refers to a word that qualifies a noun or a pronoun is termed as an adjective. Moreover, it also refers to the quality or quantity, or state of the noun or pronoun. We shall learn in detail further and the learners will get every pinpoint.

For example:

  • Nice
  • Large
  • Hot
  • Honest
  • Fast
  • Sharp
  • Intelligent
  • Determined


  • Many
  • Few
  • Much
  • Half
  • All

How Adjective is Formed

Formation of Adjective

Adjectives are formed from nouns. Let us learn how?

 Child Childish

As we know that adjective refers to a quality of a noun or pronoun. In the above table, the column of adjectives shows quality which fulfills the condition of adjective.

Possessive Adjective: 

The possessive adjective modifies a noun by telling whom it belongs to. In other words, it gives the answer to the question “Whose?”. It also tells the property(owner) of a noun or pronoun.


  • His
  • Her
  • My
  • Our
  • Their
  • Your etc.

This is my opinion.

That is his son.

She stands on her remarks.

They did their work themselves.

Absolute Adjective:

An adjective that generally is not capable to be Comparative or Superlative in degrees. In other meanings, these types of adjectives do not have comparative and superlative degrees.


  • Perfect
  • Infinite
  • Final
  • Fatal
  • Eternal
  • Equal
  • Dead
  • Supreme
  • Total
  • Unique
  • Unanimous

Adjective of Quality:

It simply shows the quality of a noun or a pronoun.


  • Rich
  • Poor
  • Intelligent
  • Fast
  • Beautiful
  • Fresh
  • Foolish
  • Idiot
  • Active
  • Dull

Akram is a fast bowler.

Do not be foolish.

Sparrow is a tinny and beautiful bird.

Adjective of Quantity:

It refers to the quantity of a noun or pronoun, simply the quantity. Remember, the quantity should be in non-numeric.


  • Much
  • Enough
  • Half
  • Little
  • No
  • All

He did much work for his assignment.

They have enough resources.

You achieved the half of target.

There is a little mistake in your essay.

He has no sense of doing business.

He has lost all of his wealth.

Adjective of Numeral:

The adjectives express the numbers of a noun or pronoun. It will be in a countable form.


  • Two
  • Four
  • Ten
  • Hundred etc
  • Any
  • Each
  • Few
  • Many

A thousand rupees.

Three goats.

There are few people on the ground.

Each and everybody should abide by the laws.

Adjective of Shape:

The adjective that shows the shape of a noun or pronoun is termed as an adjective of shape.


  • Broad
  • Skinny
  • Narrow
  • Rectangle
  • Circular
  • Square
  • Triangular
  • Flate
  • Crooked

We should see it in a broad spectrum.

The wrestler was more than skinny.

It is situated on a circular road.

It was a flat cricket wicket.

The iron rod was very crooked.

Adjective of Color:

The adjective that shows the color of a noun or pronoun is known as an adjective of color.


  • Orange
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green etc

Interrogative Adjective:

This kind of adjective is formed to use before a noun. Remember, the interrogative adjective is used very before a noun. It also finds in interrogative sentences.


  • Whose
  • Which
  • What etc

Whose pen is this?

Which book is yours?

What did Ali ask you?

Adjective of Size (Adjective and Types):

Adjective of size is an adjective that represents the size, mass, or specific space that a noun/pronoun takes.


  • Big
  • Small
  • Immense
  • Tinny
  • Large
  • Colossal
  • Petite (Small)

Proper Adjective (Adjective and Types):

A proper adjective is formed from a proper noun. The noun may be a language or geographical area.


  • Asian from Asia
  • Punjabi From Punjab
  • Pakistani from Pakistan
  • American from America

Demonstrative Adjective (Adjective and Types):

It points out which person or thing(noun/pronoun) is meant. In simple words, this adjective points out the person or thing about which we are discussing.


  • This
  • That
  • Those
  • These

These are my book.

This is a yellow color.

Those trees are looking fabulous.

Distributive Adjective:

This type of adjective denotes/expresses a thing or a person separately.


  • Each
  • Every
  • Either
  • Neither

Each student will perform on the stage.

Every batsman has his day.

Either Ali or Imran will answer this question.

Neither you nor Akram will go after off.


Q.No.1 Underline the adjective with its type.

  1. My pen is lost.
  2. This boy is stronger than Akram.
  3. Pakistani cotton is better than in America.
  4. Everyone has his duties.
  5. Ali is a good student.
  6. Each boy must take his turn.
  7. What news did she bring?
  8. He has a little intelligence.


  1. My, Possessive Adjective
  2. Stronger, Adjective of Quality
  3. Better, Adjective of Quality
  4. Every, Distributive Adjective
  5. Good, Adjective of Quality
  6. Each, Distributive Adjective
  7. What, Interrogative Adjective
  8. Little, Adjective of Quantity

Q.No.2 Classify adjectives with their types.

  1. My father has bought a new car.
  2. Ali is a clever boy.
  3. All men are equal.
  4. Every word of his story is false.
  5. There are tall trees on either side of the road.
  6. There are not many people at the cinema.
  7. Which kurta do you like?
  8. Here are some grapes.
  9. That girl won the second prize.
  10. Neither boy has not done his work.


  1. my: possessive adjective
  2. clever: adjective of quality
  3. all: adjective of quantity
  4. his: possessive adjective
  5. tall: adjective of size
  6. many: adjective of quantity
  7. which: interrogative adjective
  8. some: adjective of quantity
  9. that: demonstrative adjective
  10. his: possessive adjective

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