Clause - Adverb, Adjective Noun Clause

Learn Clause and Its Types, Adjective, Adverb, and Noun Clause with definitions, examples, and uses in sentences with exercises having answers.

Definition of Clause

A clause is a group of words that have their own subject and predicate whereas predicate means the word express ‘action’.

For Example;

In the example, choose the clause and predicates.

(i) If they work hard, they will get through the exams.

If they work = clause


they will get through the exams = clause

work = predicate

get = predicate


(ii) If I were you, I would not do it.

If I were you = clause


I would not do it = clause

do = predicate

We must remember, to understand the clause, we should learn the phrase too because it is important to pick the complete concept.  So, just take a look at clause and phrase too.

Phrase: I gave him a gold chain.

Clause: He gave her a necklace which was made of precious pearls.

Phrase: The boy with blue eyes is my cousin.

Clause: There came a person who had attractive blue eyes.

Phrase: Mercury gave woodcutter a gold axe.

Clause: Mercury gave woodcutter an axe which was made of wood.

So, let us discuss the clause by getting through its Types/Kinds.

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