Past Continuous Tense in Urdu - Definition Formulas Exercise

Learn Past Continuous Tense in Urdu with negative, interrogative, and interro-negative sentences under its definitions, formulas, rules, and exercises.

Past Continuous Tense in Urdu:


Past = passed

Continuous=in process/ happening in recent

Tense = time/period/verb

Past Continuous Tense =any action was happening in continuous time


Definition of Past Continuous Tense:

In this tense anything is done, happened  or borne in past time in Continuing aspects.

They were doing their duty.


Recognition of Past Continuous Tense in English:

S + was/were +1V + ing+ O

First of all, the subject is placed at the start of the sentence then is/are/am and the first form of verb plus ‘ing’ and object at the end with a full stop.


* 1V=1st form of verb

* 1V + ing = 4th form of verb

If the subjects are singular that is “I, He, She, It, Name”, we have to use the helping verb “was” with all of these subjects and if the subjects are plural like “You, We, They, Names”, the helping verb “were” will be used.

For He, She, It, single name= use ‘was’ as helping verb

They, You, we, plural name= use ‘were’ as helping verb


Swas/were 1V-ing O
 We were play+ing cricket

We were playing cricket. 

Youweredrivinga car

You were driving a car.

Swas/were1V-ing O
Wewereeating food

We were eating food.

Swas/were1V-ing O
Moosawas eatingbread

Moosa was eating bread.

Air and Asifwerego+ingwalk

Aamir and Asif were going for a walk.

Theywerewritinga new topic

They were writing a new topic.


Negative Sentences of Past Continuous Tense

Helping Verb= was, were

To make a sentence negative, add “not” right after the ‘helping verb’ and helping verbs may be was or were. We will add ‘not’ after one of the helping verbs (was/were).

S + was/were + not + 1Ving + O

 was/were not 1V+ ing O

He was not going to school.

was/were not1V+ ingO
Theywere not do-ing homework

They were not doing homework.


 Interrogative Sentence of Past Continuous tense

To make a sentence interrogative, we need a helping verb to put it at the start of the sentence and place a sign of interrogation/question mark at the end of the sentence. Remember, without a sign of interrogation the sentences will be considered incomplete or wrong. Also, do not place a full stop after a question mark.

Was/Were S1v+ingO

Was he going to school?

Was/Were1V+ ingO?
Werethey doinghomework?

Were they doing homework?


Interro-negative Sentence of Past Continuous Tense

To make a sentences interro-negative, it is an easy way that makes this sentence negative first then place helping verb at the start of the sentence and place question mark at the end.

S + Was/Were + 1V ing + O

S + Was/Were + not + 1V ing + O (Negative)

Was/Were + S +  not + 1V ing + O ? (Interro-negative)

Was/WereSnot1V+ ingO?
Was he not go-ingschool?

Was he not going school?

Was/WereSnot1V+ ingO?
Were they not do-inghomework?

Were they not doing homework?

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