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Theme Concept of Interjections

An interjection is a word that has no real value as important as grammar is concerned. It means no parts of speech are made of interjections nor interjections made a part of speech. In other words, it does not modify other parts of speech. 

Definition of Interjection

These are the special words that are used to express happiness, sadness, condolence, or surprise.

Examples of Interjection

Hurrah!, Bravo!, Aha!, Oh!, Wow!, Awesome!, O Yes!

More Examples of Interjection

Hurrah! We have achieved our purposes.

Bravo! I have gotten the highest sale of the year.

Alas! He failed in criticism again.

Wow! What a beautiful shot he played.

Types of Interjections

(1) Interjections For Joy:

These interjections are used to express great pleasure and happiness.

These include; Hurrah!, Wow!, Hip!, Hurray! etc.


1) Wow! Your dress is really awesome.

2) Hurrah! I won the trophy.

3) Hurray! We successfully achieve the medals.

(2) Interjections For Sorrow:

These interjections are used for intense sorrow. It includes; Oh!, Ah!, Alas!, Ouch! etc.


1)Alas! I Will be no more there.

2) Ouch! It hurts.

3)Oh! It’s too painful.

(3) Interjections For Surprise:

This interjection shows an unexpected or astonishing event.

These include; Ha!, Ah! Oh!, Hey!, What! etc.


1) What! He died.

2) Oh! You did this.

3) Ah! She got a new job.

(4) Interjections For Approved:

This interjection shows the action of approving something. It includes; Brilliant!, Well done!, Bravo!, Wonderful! etc.


1) Bravo! You are awarded with the first rank.

2) Well done! You did excellently.

3) Brilliant! Your work is outstanding.

(5) Interjection For Attention:

These interjections are used to draw the attention of somebody. Such as; Look!, Listen!, Behold!, Hush! etc.


1) Look! You are so rude.

2) Listen! I wanna talk to you.

3) Behold! Someone stupid is there.

(6) Interjection For Greeting/Calling:

This type of interjection is used to express the feelings of someone when he meets with others. It includes; Hi!, Hello! Hey! etc.


1) Hello! I am David.

2) Hey! Why do you look so sad?

3) Hi! I reached in time.

(7) Interjection For Forget Something:

This kind of interjection is used for forgetting something and sudden expression. It includes; Oh no! Oh shit! etc.


1) Oh Shit! I forgot my purse.

2) Oh No! This can’t be possible.

(8) Interjection For Doubt:

This type of interjection is used for some doubt or hesitation about somebody else.

It includes; Uh!, Hmm!, Er!, etc.


1) Oh! I doubt whether she is in danger.

2) Hmm! I think I don’t know the puzzle.


Interjection Look Like in Two Forms.

 1) Interjection (one word) e.g

Hey!, Oops!, What! etc.

2) Interjection (Group of words) e.g

Oh my God! , What a pity!, I’m shocked! etc.

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