Vowel Sounds - Definitions Examples Exercise

Learn Types of Vowel Sounds with definition, examples, and solved exercises of each. The sounds of vowels are very important because the use of indefinite articles (a, an) depends on vowel sounds, not vowel letters.

In this article, we will learn in-depth the definitions, examples, and exercises of the vowel sound. 

Types of Vowel Sounds with Definitions, Examples, Exercise

There are four types of vowel sounds in English:

1. Short Vowel Sounds

e, i, u” are called short vowel sounds. They are called short vowels because their sound is shortened while uttering. On the other hand, we can say that we consume very less time in pronouncing such vowel sounds.


Tick, men, sit, fit, but, cut, bet, let, get.

Short Vowel Sounds of “e”

hen, den, men, penbed, led, red, wednet, jet, pet, wetegg, keg, leg, peg
bell, fell, welltent, dent, sentnest, rest, vestneck, deck, peck

Short Vowel Sounds of “i”

big, dig, figtin, bin, finkid, lid, midnib, bib, rib
lip, pip, sip, tipkit, hit, lit, pit, sitdish, wish, fishbill, hill, mill, pill
kick, lick, pick, wickring, king, sing, winglink, sink, winkwig, pin, zip

Short Vowel Sounds of “u”

sun, bun, gun, runtub, cub, hub, rubhut, cut, nutpup, cup
bud, mudmug, jug, rugjump, bump, dumpduck, suck, buck

2. Long Vowel Sounds 

“a, o” are called long vowel sounds. They are long vowels because we have to prolong them while uttering. Unlike short vowel sounds, we can say that we consume comparatively more time in pronouncing such vowel sounds.


Bat, rat, sad, not, joke, etc.

Long Vowel Sounds of “a”

bat, cat, mat, ratbag, rag, tag, wagtap, cap, gap, maptank, bank, sank
dad, lad, pad, sadvan, can, fan, man jam, dam, ramlamp, camp, ramp
ball, tall, hall, wallband, hand, sand sack, back, packrack, hat

Long Vowel Sounds of “o”

mop, cop, topcot, dot, potlog, dog, joglock, rock, sock
ox, box, foxstop, frog, dropcrock, frock, owlstock, sock, bot 

3. Diphthongs

A complex vowel that begins with the sounds of one vowel and ends with the sound of another vowel in the same syllables, is called diphthongs. For example, ae, au, ou. 

The Sound [ei] as in RAY


The Sound [ai] as in RIDE


The Sound [au] as in HOW


The Sound [oi] as in BOY


The Sound [ou] as in NO


4. Weak Vowels

The weak vowels are confined(limit) to weak, unstressed syllables. E, i, y are considered weak vowels when they occur in unstressed syllables as under:


The underlined vowels in the given words are weak vowels as they are uttered unstressed. You can also consult this for further comprehension.

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