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Learn about proverbs, very interesting and daily life-based knowledge. People often use proverb to weigh their words.

1) “Don’t cry before you are hurt”

This proverb means life wants to teach something to you through hardships and pains, but you have to face them carefully.

2) “Cut your coat according to your cloth”

 This maxim illustrates the fact that it is absolutely imperative for us to be economical and live within the means of our income.

3) “God helps those who help themselves”

 Every creature is trying to solve its issues by struggling. So if someone does not move and works, he would never achieve anything.

4) “Self-praise is no recommendation”

 If you praise yourself, people will think that you are boastful and really they will not respect you.

5) “As you sow, so shall you reap”

This proverb means that the result of any work depends on the way it’s done. e.g. if a farmer sows a seed of cotton in time, he gains good Corp. And if he wastes the growing time he loses all the crops.

6) “Out of  the frying pan into the fire”

It describes the situation of moving or getting from a bad or difficult situation to a worse one.

7) “A figure among the ciphers”

 This proverb means that, a person with a little wisdom among fools. For example, in the kingdom of the blinds, the one-eyed man is king.

8) “Money for money and interest besides”

A lucky man earns more profit by investing money and saves the profit to increase more wealth.

9) “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

It describes the situation where everyone searches for short methods and ready-made knowledge, instead of hardworking and self-meditation.

10) “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”

This maxim illustrates that a bad workman always blames his tools and did not cooperate with people with respect to business.

11) “A black sheep spoils the whole flock”

It describes the situation of our society that if we don’t care about small evils, these can spoil the whole society in a short period.

12) “It is useless to cry over split milk”

It depicts that if we do wrong and in spite of recovering and consolidating, our repenting can lose our emotions and abilities.

13) “To kill two birds with one stone”

Wise people always speak those words which are priceless and they do such works which are most beneficial to everyone.

14) “To err is human, to forgive divine”

All humans do errors but we forgive human beings it’s God’s habit.

15) “Tit for tat”

 If someone does good, he gains comfort, and if he hurts anybody, he himself be hurt.

16) ” A stitch in time, saves nine”

This proverb means that one should be punctual always. It implies that the action of everyone should be on time. Time Will never wait for us.

17)  “Union is strength”

It describes the value of unity in life. We can learn the same lesson from the army, animals, birds, etc. Because they always help each other instead of their life.

18) “Easy come easy go”
It describes the relationship acquired without effort may be lost without regret.

19) “Nip the evil in the bud”

It illustrates that if human beings are united to remove evil or cruelty from society, they set up punishment for every guilty person.

 20) “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today”

This proverb means that time killing and pending work leads to laziness and pessimistic manners.

21) “The next and important one is “Every cock fights best on his own dung hill”

This maxim illustrates that if we don’t make our basic structures powerful, we can’t live in peace and fight with enemies.

22) “Wolves may lose their teeth but not their nature”

It describes that a cruel person or any wild beast’s nature can’t be changed until their death.

23) “Great boast little roast”

A society or a person or any other department acquired famous without actual and ground reality.

24) ” Where there is a Will, there is a way”

This proverb means that love begets love, and every courteous person gets the attention of people because he may be hated by bad company.

25) “Dainties and plenty”

It illustrates that don’t demand more quantity if you have tasted delicious recipes but be careful within limited manners.

26) “Coming events cast their shadows before”

If you focus on the news, you can normally tell when something momentous is about to happen.

27) “Ill gotten ill spent”

If someone obtained anything by dishonest means or illegal ways, he would spend them absolutely in the wrong ways.

28) “Make hay while the sunshines”

Do every work at its exact time, otherwise, you will have to be repeated.

29) “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”

This maxim illustrates that those who play a role contrary to their real characters. For example, political parties in the world.

30) “Do evil and look for the like”, a very important proverb”

If someone harms the others, he must have to face such type of anxiety or greater than that is suffered by any other.

31) “Do good and care not to whome” is a provern proverb”

If someone wants to do good deeds, he should not be hesitated but be satisfactory.

32) “Blood is thicker than water”

This proverb means that family relationships and loyalty are the strongest and most important one. No other except family members make a shelter for your satisfaction.

33) “Charity begins at home”

A person’s first responsibility is to start a good work for the needs of his own family and friends and then spread it to others.

34) “The nearer the church, the farther from heaven”

Those people who are most involved in good works or religious deeds or God-fearing deeds are most in danger of separating themselves from God.

35) “A blind man is no judge of colors”, is related to justice.

If a person doesn’t have knowledge of any subject matter, then he has no right to take any suggestions.

36) “Rome was not built in a day”

It describes that It takes a long time to do a job or any task properly, and you shouldn’t expect to do it so quickly.

37) “A guilty conscience needs no accuser”

A person who has done a wrong and feels guilty about it, always rest in uncomfortable and wants to confess and such a person should be forgiven.

38) “Better to wear out than to rust out”, observed often”

This maxim illustrates that don’t waste yourself and your households but use yourself and your households in the best ways.
For example, if you have more clothes and shoes and you are not using all of them. So give as alms to the needy.

39) “Example is better than precept”

We shouldn’t convey only sweet dreams and words in meetings but we should act upon good works and words.

40) “Two of a trade seldom agree”

This proverb means that every dog is an enemy of the other, so be careful while trading, shopping, and working with shares.

41) “A friend in need is a friend indeed”

A selfish friend always saves himself but endangers others. Be careful and avoid such friends.

42) “Death keeps no calendar”

It illustrates that NO one can imagine, think or speak that his death is being held on such a date. We can be revealed when we will die.

43) “Better alone than in a bad company”

A solitary person is better than the people who are sitting in a bad company because such company leads them towards a cruel life.

44) “Money makes the mare go”

This proverb means that if you pay enough, people will show interest to work for you and your company, that is investing money is necessary for profit capturing.

45) “Let us see which way the wind blows”, a competition-related proverb.

Before taking any decision, be careful about its particular way of existence. Such as the political system in Pakistan.

46) “As long as there is life, there is hope”

All phenomena of life such as breathing, loving, sharing, and sympathy are just being here in the present time, all living beings are living with optimistic thinking.

47) “Truth fears no examination”

Every sentence that is speaking out in any language based on reality can’t be defeated or recessive but always be dominant.

48) “A man is known by the company he keeps”

Human deeds are the symbols of their internal characters and their company.
For example, a good person is being recognized for his actions and a bad man is known for his bad attitude and bad deeds.

49) “He who digs a pit for others, himself falls into it”

It means that, if you are trying to harm anybody, you also have to face such type of anxiety, as Newton’s third law stated every action has an equal but an opposite reaction.

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