How to Use IT | Basic Rules for Translation

Let us learn the translation and grammar rules for ‘it’. In this lesson, we shall learn how to use it in translation as well as in English tenses.

Translation Rule for ‘It’

‘It’ is used for non-living things, child, animal, time, reason, day, month, date, and scene.


It is a brown-coloured book. (Non-living)

It is a cute baby boy. (Child)

It is attractive black cat. (Animal)

It was sharp 9 o’clock. (Time)

It was surprisingly a beautiful cool summer morning. (Season)

It was a Friday when they approached us. (Day)

It was 17th of past February. (Month)

Undoubtedly, it was an incredible and attractive sense around us. (Scene)

How to Use It As Pronoun

‘It’ is a pronoun is written at the start expresses as subject whereas at the end as object. Here one thing is important to learn is that both subjective and object pronouns we use ‘it’. So, to know whether ‘it’ is subjective or objective pronoun, if it is at the start of the sentence, it is subjective pronoun otherwise objective if at the end.


It is very beautiful morning to walk for long distances. (Subjective Pronoun)

After eating chicken burger, Smith spoke ‘I am loving it. ‘

‘It’ and Helping Verb Agreement in Tenses

If we talk about the helping verb combination with ‘it’, there are some helping verbs used after ‘it’: is, was, will, has, had, may, must, can, could, and might. ‘Will’ is used in future indefinite, ‘is’ in present continuous, ‘was’ in past continuous, ‘has’ in present perfect, ‘had’ in past perfect tense.

‘It’ and Verb Agreement in Tenses

In present and past indefinite tense, first and second forms of the verb are used right after ‘it’ respectively.

How to Use it in English Translation

  1. It was really very hot the last Saturday in my hometown.
  2. It is pretty bright in the big hall.
  3. It was evening when we reached the stadium to enjoy cricket league.
  4. It was the morning time when all of us started to water the cotton crops.
  5. It is Monday today and we are going to visitban historic fort in South.
  6. It is dark outside, stay till the better light.
  7. It was a pretty and outstanding weather last Sunday.
  8. It is very bad habit to tell lie because it is the mother of all sins.
  9. It is beautiful lighting at new year event, I will enjoy.
  10. It is the month of May and hot breeze blows.

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