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Noun list shares hundred of nouns with their types. It will enable the learners and students to have knowledge to most important English grammar topic. We have learnt about noun and its all types but in this lesson, we are going to discuss some important and mostly use in academic as well as in daily rule.

Brief Overview of Noun

Nouns In English, nouns are words that signify a person, place, thing, quality, or action. There are three main types of nouns in English: common, proper, and technical.

Common nouns are the most basic and general type of noun. They are found in everyday conversation and are typically nouns that are used for describing people, places, things, and qualities. Common nouns can be termed as singular or plural.

Proper nouns are the most formal type of noun. They are found in titles, names, and other formal contexts. Proper nouns typically have a specific gender and number. They can also be stated singular or plural.

Technical nouns are a special type of noun that is used in technical contexts. Technical nouns are often made up of two or more words and are often used to describe things that are difficult to describe using common or proper nouns. Technical nouns can also be singular or plural.

Noun List with Types

  1. Year (Abstract Noun, Countable Noun)
  2. Man (Common Noun)
  3. Day (Abstract Noun, Countable noun)
  4. People (Common and Countable Noun)
  5. Time (Abstract and Countable Noun)
  6. Thing (Common Noun)
  7. Woman (Common Noun)
  8. Child (Common Noun)
  9. World (Proper Noun)
  10. School (Common and Countable Noun)
  11. Way (Abstract Noun)
  12. Life (Abstract Noun)
  13. State (Common Noun)
  14. Family (Collective Noun)
  15. Group (Collective Noun)
  16. Problem (Abstract Noun)
  17. Hand (Common Noun, Countable)
  18. Place (Common Noun)
  19. Week (Abstract Noun)
  20. Case (Abstract Noun)
  21. Student (Common Noun, Countable Noun)
  22. Country (Common Noun, Countable Noun)
  23. Part (Common Noun, Countable Noun)
  24. Company (Common Noun, Countable Noun)
  25. System (Common Noun, Abstract Noun)
  26. Question (Common Noun, Countable Noun)
  27. Program (Common Noun, Abstract Noun)
  28. Work (Common Noun, Abstract Noun)
  29. Government (Common Noun, Abstract Noun)
  30. Number (Common Noun, Countable Noun)
  31. Mister (Mr.) (Common Noun, Countable Noun)
  32. Night (Proper and Abstract Noun)
  33. Point (Abstract and Countable)
  34. Home ( Common, Countable, Concrete)
  35. Water (Material, Uncountable Noun)
  36. Mom (Common and Countable Noun )
  37. Room (Common and Countable Noun )
  38. Axe (Concrete Noun)
  39. Money (Common, Countable)
  40. Fact (Abstract Noun)
  41. Story (Abstract and Countable Noun)
  42. Lot (Abstract Noun)
  43. Month (Abstract, Common and Countable Noun)
  44. Book (Common and Countable Noun )
  45. Study (Abstract Noun)
  46. Right (Abstract Noun)
  47. Eye (Common and Countable Noun )
  48. Job (Common and Countable Noun )
  49. Word (Common and Countable Noun )
  50. Business ( Abstract Noun)
  51. Issue (Abstract Noun)
  52. Slide (Common, Concrete, Countable)
  53. Head (Common and Countable Noun )
  54. Kind (Abstract Noun)
  55. House (Common and Countable Noun )
  56. Service ( Abstract and Uncomfortable Noun)
  57. Friend (Common and Countable Noun )
  58. Dad (Common and Countable Noun )
  59. Power (Abstract Noun)
  60. Hour (Abstract and Countable Noun)
  61. LinenmRVa9
  62. End (Abstract Noun)
  63. Member ( Common Noun)
  64. Car ( Common Noun)
  65. Law (Abstract Noun)
  66. Community (Collective Noun)
  67. City ( Common Noun)
  68. President (Proper Noun)
  69. Team (Collective Noun)
  70. Name ( Common Noun)
  71. Game ( Common Noun)
  72. Minute (Abstract Noun)
  73. Kid ( Common Noun)
  74. Idea (Abstract Noun)
  75. Body ( Common Noun)
  76. Information (Abstract Noun)
  77. Backup (Abstract Noun)
  78. Parents ( Collective Noun)
  79. Others ( Common Noun)
  80. Face ( Common Noun)
  81. Level (Abstract Noun)
  82. Door ( Common Noun)
  83. Person ( Common Noun)
  84. Office ( Common Noun)
  85. Health (Abstract Noun)
  86. Art (Abstract Noun)
  87. War (Abstract Noun)
  88. History (Abstract Noun)
  89. Party (Abstract Noun)
  90. Result (Abstract Noun)
  91. Change (Abstract Noun)
  92. Morning (Abstract Noun)
  93. Reason (Abstract Noun)
  94. Research (Abstract Noun)
  95. Guy ( Common Noun)
  96. Girl ( Common Noun)
  97. Food (Common Noun)
  98. Air (Abstract)
  99. Moment (Abstract Noun)
  100. Teacher (Common and Countable Noun)

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