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Definition of Abstract Noun

It is a noun that does not have a physical shape, cannot be touched and we cannot see it rather it is a state or feelings.

Examples of Abstract Noun

Honesty, Thirst, Humour, Hunger, Love, Happiness, Hate, Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts, Intentions, Interactions, Idea, Truth, Lie, Sadness, Justice, Bravery, Fear, Calm, Belief, Failure, Talent, Thrill, Success, Luck Fate, Confidence, Confusion, Tension, Horror, Fact, Competency, Creativity, Clarity, Cleverness, etc.

Use of Abstract Noun in Sentences

Ligh behavior is the best tool to win other’s hearts. Good behavior and attitude cleanse a man’s personality. Some of the wises say that good behavior is better than a beautiful face. Being human, use your soft tongue to strengthen your comments. Speake loudly and without break is the mark of lier. Great behavior freezes the sight on the same. Good behavior and attitude also strengthen relationships in societies. The behavior is directly proportional to the thoughts a man thinks. It is guaranteed that society regarded man’s personality is more adhesive because of his morality. Moral values are key to your behavior

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