Collective Noun | Definition Examples in Detail

Definition of Collective Noun

It refers to a noun consists of a group of people or other nouns. We say it noun when a number of people/other nouns get together to make a group, called collective noun.

Examples of Collective Noun

Class, Army, Police, Crowd, Team, Nursery, Set, Audience, Bundle, Pair, Cluster, Album, Crew, Staff, Troop, Company, Gang, Hive, Fore, etc.

List of Collective Noun

Class of students
Army of Soldiers
Police of women
Crowd of customers
Team of cricket
Nursery of flowers
Set of numbers
Audience of event
Bundle of books
Pair of shoes
A cluster of schools/Cluster of Soldiers
Album of National songs
Crew of Soldiers
Staff of teachers
Troop of commandos
Company of friends
Gang of prisoners
Hive of bees
Fore of Navy

Use of Collective Noun in Sentences

It was a beautiful and fresh morning. I was sitting under a mango tree. The bunch of mangoes was hanging. The birds were chirping in a flock in the trees. A shepherd was passing by near me with his herd. The bouquet of flowers was spreading an amazing fragrance. There is also a beautiful flower nursery in my garden which makes the surroundings fragrant. Moreover, many of the trees in my garden have a hive of bees. In the meanwhile, a cluster of herons flew over me creating a great scene. At the time, I saw the great nature of Allah which made me happy and I said bundle of thanks to Allah.

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