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Definition of Common Noun

The name of a common person, a common thing, or a commonplace is known as “Common Noun”.

Examples of Common Noun

Common Persons:
Boy, Girl, Male, Female, children, Baby, etc.
Common Things:
Mobile, Watch, Tree, Ball, Bat, Shoes, Fruits, etc.

Common Places: City, Town, Village, Province, District.

Country, Home, Street, Ground, Stadium, Markete, etc.

Exercise in Paragraph

Underlined Common Noun Examples

Once there was a poor man. He lives hands to mouth. He has six sons and was worried to earn for them. Once, he went to the jungle to collect the woods so that he may sell them to earn some money. The poor man entered the jungle and started to collect the woods. Suddenly, he saw some bushes were moving. He reached there and saw a bird was trapped into the very hard bunches of trees laid down. The poor man was shocked to see that it was an eagle and released it from the trap and sold it to a hunter at the worth of millions of rupees.

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