Possessive and Plural Noun | Definition and Examples

Definition of Possessive Noun

Possessive Nou is a noun that shows ownership or possession. In this regard, we use an apostrophe to show ownership.

Apostrophe ➡️ ‘s

Examples of Possessive Noun

Ali’s book.

Moosa’s car.

Irfan’s bat.

Hurain’s doll.

Imran’s bike.

Definition of Plural Noun

It is a noun that is in the plural form whether it is a regular noun or an irregular noun.

Examples of Plural Noun

Tooth ➡️ Teeth

Kite ➡️ Kites

Knife ➡️ Knives

Mouse ➡️ Mice

Page ➡️ Pages

Foot ➡️ Feet

Book ➡️ Books

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