45 Common Prepositions - Examples List, Uses, Worksheet

Definition of Common Preposition

A preposition or (common prepositions) is a word or part of speech that expresses the connection between a noun (or pronoun) and another word in that sentence. It is commonly used to indicate location, direction, time, manner, or other relationships between different parts of a sentence.

Common Preposition

Common Prepositions Examples

Some common prepositions include:

In: expressing inclusion or location within a place or thing (“She is sitting in the chair”).

On: indicating contact or support of a surface (“The book is on the table”).

At: denoting a specific location or point in time (“They arrived at the airport”).

By: indicating proximity, means, or method (“He traveled to work by car”).

With: expressing accompaniment or association (“She went shopping with her friends”).

For: indicating purpose, benefit, or intended recipient (“He bought flowers for his mother”).

From: denoting origin, source, or the starting point of something (“I received a gift from my friend”).

To: expressing direction or movement towards a destination (“We are going to the park”).

About: concerning or regarding a particular topic (“They had a discussion about the project”).

With: indicating possession or ownership (“This book belongs to me”).

These are just a few examples of common prepositions. There are many more prepositions in the English language, each serving different purposes in expressing relationships between words and phrases in a sentence.

Common Prepositions List

Here is a list of common prepositions in English:

  1. About
  2. above
  3. across
  4. after
  5. against
  6. along
  7. among
  8. around
  9. at
  10. before
  11. behind
  12. below
  13. beneath
  14. beside
  15. between
  16. beyond
  17. by
  18. down
  19. during
  20. for
  21. from
  22. in
  23. inside
  24. into
  25. near
  26. of
  27. off
  28. on
  29. onto
  30. out
  31. outside
  32. over
  33. past
  34. through
  35. throughout
  36. to
  37. toward
  38. under
  39. underneath
  40. until
  41. up
  42. upon
  43. with
  44. within
  45. without

This list covers some of the most commonly used prepositions in English. Keep in mind that there are additional prepositions and prepositional phrases that can be used in various contexts.

Common Prepositions and their Uses

Here are some common prepositions and their typical uses:

In: used to indicate location within a place or time (“She is in the park” or “We’ll meet in an hour”).

On: used to indicate contact or support on a surface (“The book is on the table” or “She put on her jacket”).

At: used to denote a specific location or point in time (“They are at the restaurant” or “The meeting is at 3 p.m.”).

By: used to indicate proximity, means, or method (“He came by car” or “They solved the problem by working together”).

With: used to express accompaniment or association (“She went to the movies with her friends” or “He is playing with his dog”).

For: used to indicate purpose, benefit, or intended recipient (“She bought a gift for her sister” or “This is for you”).

From: used to denote origin, source, or starting point (“I received a letter from my friend” or “She flew from New York to London”).

To: used to express direction or movement towards a destination (“They are going to the beach” or “She sent a letter to her grandmother”).

About: used to indicate the topic of something (“They had a conversation about the weather” or “I read a book about history”).

With: used to indicate possession or ownership (“This house belongs to him” or “She took a picture with her camera”).

These are just a few examples of how common prepositions are used in sentences. It’s important to note that prepositions can have multiple uses and meanings depending on the context in which they are used.

Common Prepositions Sentences

Here are some examples of common prepositions used in sentences:

In: She lives in a small house.

On: The book is on the shelf.

At: I will meet you at the cold coffee shop.

By: Please pass the message by word of mouth.

With: He went to the party with his friends.

For: I bought a gift for my sister’s birthday.

From: I received an urgent letter from my pen pal.

To: She walked to the park.

About: They had a discussion about the project.

With: The girl is playing with her toy.

Above: The plane flew above the clouds.

Across: She walked across the street.

Among: They found the treasure among the rocks.

Around: They took a walk around the neighborhood.

Before: Please arrive 10 minutes before the meeting.

Behind: The cat is hiding behind the sofa.

Below: The temperature is below freezing.

Beside: The book is beside the laptop.

Between: The ball is between the two chairs.

During: I read a book during my vacation.

Off: The cat jumped off the table.

Over: The plane flew over the mountain.

Through: He walked through the forest.

Under: The keys are under the pillow.

Within: The answer is within your reach.

These examples demonstrate how common prepositions are used in different sentence structures to show relationships between objects, locations, time, and more.

Common Prepositional Phrases

Let us talk about some examples of common prepositional phrases:

In the morning: She goes for a jog in the morning.

On the table: The door lock keys are on the wooden table.

At the beach: They built sandcastles at the beach.

By the river: They enjoyed a picnic by the river.

With a smile: He greeted her with a smile.

For my birthday: She bought a gift for my birthday.

From the top: The ball rolled from the top of the hill.

To the park: They took a walk to the park.

About the movie: They had a long conversation about the movie.

With her friends: She went shopping with her friends.

Above the clouds: The plane soared above the clouds.

Across the street: They ran across the street to hide from the chasers.

Among the flowers: The bee buzzed among the flowers.

Around the corner: The store is around the corner.

Before the deadline: They submitted the report before the deadline.

Behind the curtain: The magician disappeared behind the curtain.

Below the surface: The fish swim below the surface of the water.

Beside the lake: They set up their tent beside the lake.

Between two options: She couldn’t decide between two options.

During the concert: The crowd cheered during the concert.

Off the coast: They went fishing off the coast.

Over the rainbow: They followed the path over the rainbow.

Through the tunnel: The train passed through the tunnel.

Under the tree: They sat under the tree to escape the sun.

Within reach: The remote control is within reach.

These examples demonstrate how prepositions combine with nouns to form prepositional phrases, which provide additional information about location, time, manner, and more in a sentence.

Common Prepositions Worksheet

Here’s a simple worksheet with questions about common prepositions. You can fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition or prepositional phrase:

  1. She lives ______ a house.
  2. The cat is sleeping ______ the bed.
  3. We will meet ______ the restaurant at 7 p.m.
  4. He traveled ______ train to the city.
  5. They went for a walk ______ their dog.
  6. She bought a present ______ her mother’s birthday.
  7. I received an email ______ my boss.
  8. The children ran ______ the playground.
  9. The book is ______ the shelf.
  10. They are going on vacation ______ next week.


  1. in
  2. on
  3. at
  4. by
  5. with
  6. for
  7. from
  8. across
  9. on
  10. in

Feel free to write down your answers and I can check them for you

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