Present Indefinite Active Passive Exercise with Answers

In this lesson we will learn Present Indefinite Active Passive Exercise with answers. Rewrite the following sentences in the present indefinite passive voice. Make sure to use the correct form of the verb and maintain the tense.

Present Indefinite Active Passive Exercise with Answers

  1. They deliver the mail every morning.
    • The mail is delivered every morning.
  2. She teaches English language to the students.
    • English language is taught to the students by her.
  3. We clean the house every weekend.
    • The house is cleaned every weekend.
  4. He repairs the car in his garage.
    • The car is repaired in his garage.
  5. The company produces new smartphones.
    • New smartphones are produced by the company.
  6. The chef prepares delicious meals.
    • Delicious meals are prepared by the chef.
  7. They speak English fluently.
    • English is spoken fluently by them.
  8. She writes the Urdu novel every year.
    • The Urdu novel is written by her every year.
  9. We bake cookies for the party.
    • Cookies are baked by us for the party.
  10. He fixes the plumbing issues.
    • Plumbing issues are fixed by him.
  11. They manufacture all the brands of cars in that factory.
    • All the brands of cars are manufactured in that factory by them.
  12. He grows vegetables in his garden.
    • Vegetables are grown in his garden by him.
  13. We celebrate his birthday every year.
    • His birthday is celebrated every year by us.
  14. She designs beautiful dresses.
    • Beautiful dresses are designed by her.
  15. The teacher explains the lesson on syntax errors to the students.
    • The lesson on syntax errors is explained to the students by the teacher.
  16. They sell fresh fruits at the market.
    • Fresh fruits are sold at the market by them.
  17. He plays the guitar at parties.
    • The guitar is played at parties by him.
  18. We organize a meeting every month.
    • A meeting is organized every month by us.
  19. The company publishes a weekly sports magazine.
    • A weekly sports magazine is published by the company.
  20. She completes the assignment on time.
    • The assignment is completed on time by her.
  21. The clever white cat chases the mouse.
    • The mouse is chased by the clever white cat.
  22. She writes a letter.
    • A letter is written by her.
  23. They build a new wooden colored house.
    • A new wooden colored house is built by them.
  24. He paints the picture.
    • The picture is painted by him.
  25. We catch the thief.
    • The thief is caught by us.
  26. The teacher praises the student.
    • The student is praised by the teacher.
  27. I cook dinner.
    • Dinner is cooked by me.
  28. They open the door.
    • The door is opened by them.
  29. He repairs the car.
    • The car is repaired by him.
  30. She sings a song.
    • A song is sung by her.
  31. We see a shooting star.
    • A shooting star is seen by us.
  32. The police arrest the dangerous and most wanted the thief.
    • The dangerous and most wanted thief is arrested by the police.
  33. He solves the puzzle.
    • The puzzle is solved by him.
  34. They find a lost dog.
    • A lost dog is found by them.
  35. She buys a new imported branded red dress.
    • A new imported branded red dress is bought by her.
  36. We plant trees in the garden.
    • Trees are planted in the garden by us.
  37. He fixes the broken chair.
    • The broken chair is fixed by him.
  38. They cook a delicious meal.
    • A delicious meal is cooked by them.
  39. She reads a book.
    • A book is read by her.
  40. We see a beautiful sunset.
    • A beautiful sunset is seen by us.
  41. He catches a big fish.
    • A big fish is caught by him.
  42. They organize a party.
    • A party is organized by them.
  43. The teacher explains the last lesson of English language.
    • The lesson of English language is explained by the teacher.
  44. He receives an award.
    • An award is received by him.
  45. We visit the museum.
    • The museum is visited by us.
  46. She solves the math problem.
    • The math problem is solved by her.
  47. They book a hotel room.
    • A hotel room is booked by them.
  48. He makes the delicious vanilla and strawberry flavored cakes.
    • A delicious vanilla and strawberry flavored cakes are made by him.
  49. We watch a movie.
    • A movie is watched by us.
  50. The company launch a new product.
    • A new product is launched by the company.

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Remember, when converting a sentence from active to passive voice, the object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive sentence, the verb is changed to its passive form. The subject of the active voice sentence becomes the object of the preposition “by” in the passive sentence.

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