The Thirsty Crow Story- Short Story

Once upon a time, a clever little crow lived in a lush green forest. He had shiny black feathers and bright, curious eyes. This crow was always up to some mischief or the other, but he was also known for his intelligence.

One scorching summer day, the sun beat mercilessly on the forest, drying up all the water sources. The little crow flew from tree to tree, searching for water, but all the ponds and streams had dried up. His throat was parched, and his wings felt heavy with exhaustion.

As he flew on, his sharp eyes caught sight of a pitcher lying abandoned near a tree. Hope sparked in his heart as he hurried towards it. However, when he reached the pitcher, he found that it only had a little water left at the bottom. The crow tried to reach the water with his beak, but it was too low, and he couldn’t dip his beak into it.

The clever crow didn’t give up. He looked around and saw that the pitcher had some pebbles scattered nearby. An idea struck him! He picked up the pebbles, one by one, and dropped them into the pitcher. With each pebble he dropped, the water level rose a little higher.

After dropping several pebbles into the pitcher, the water level finally reached the top, and the crow was able to quench his thirst. He drank to his heart’s content, feeling relieved and grateful for his quick thinking.

Just then, a group of animals passing by saw the crow drinking from the pitcher. They were amazed at the sight and gathered around, curious to know what had happened.

The crow, feeling proud of his accomplishment, told them how he had used his intelligence to solve the problem of the low water level in the pitcher. The other animals applauded him and praised his cleverness.

From that day on, the little crow became known as the cleverest bird in the forest. Whenever the animals faced a problem, they would turn to him for help and guidance. And the crow, always ready to help, would use his wit and intelligence to find solutions to their problems.

The story of the thirsty crow and his clever trick spread far and wide, inspiring others to think creatively and find solutions to their challenges. And the clever little crow continued to live happily in the forest, beloved by all who knew him.


The moral of the story of the thirsty crow is that intelligence and resourcefulness can help overcome even the most difficult situations. Instead of giving up when faced with a problem, one should use their creativity and ingenuity to find solutions.

The story teaches us the importance of thinking outside the box and making the most of the resources available to us. It also emphasizes the value of perseverance and determination in achieving our goals. Overall, the story encourages us to believe in our abilities and never underestimate the power of our minds to overcome challenges.

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