Change into Passive Voice Present Indefinite Tense with Solved Examples

In this exercise, we have a lesson of change into passive voice present ondefinite tense with solved examples. If you have any questions, you ask in the comment box.

Change into Passive Voice Present Indefinite Tense

Change into Passive Voice Present Indefinite Tense

Here are some examples:

1. Mary cooks the cake.

The cake is baked by Mary.

2. John washes the car every Sunday.

The car is washed by John every Sunday.

3. The maid cleans the room.

The room is cleaned by the maid.

4. Sarah writes the letter.

The letter is written by Sarah.

5.The dishwasher washes the dishes.

The dishes are washed by the dishwasher.

6. Tom opens the window.

The window is opened by Tom.

7. Many people read the book.

The book is read by many people.

8.The receptionist answers the phone.

The phone is answered by the receptionist.

9. The students complete the homework.

The homework is completed by the students.

10. The painters paint the house.

The house is painted by the painters.

11. The audience watch the movie.

The movie is watched by the audience.

12.The singer sing the song.

The song is sung by the singer.

13. The gardener waters the flowers.

The flowers are watered by the gardener.

14. The team prepares the report.

The report is prepared by the team.

15. Peter closes the door.

The door is closed by Peter.

16.The children play the game.

The game is played by the children.

17. David sends the email.

The email is sent by David.

18. The farmer plants the tree.

The tree is planted by the farmer.

19.The barista brews the coffee.

The coffee is brewed by the barista.

20. The supervisor manages the project.

The project is managed by the supervisor.

21.The city workers clean the street.

The street is cleaned by the city workers.

22. The politician delivers the speech.

The speech is delivered by the politician.

23. The laundry service washes the clothes.

The clothes are washed by the laundry service.

24. The journalist reports the news.

The news is reported by the journalist.

25.The expert solves the problem.

The problem is solved by the expert.

26. The printer prints the document.

The document is printed by the printer.

27. The doctor prescribes the medicine.

The medicine is prescribed by the doctor.

28.The teacher teaches the lesson.

The lesson is taught by the teacher.

29. The player kicks the ball.

The ball is kicked by the player.

30. The developer designs the website.

The website is designed by the developer.

31.The storyteller tells the story.

The story is told by the storyteller.

32ThThe fisherman catches the fish.

The fish is caught by the fisherman.

33. The secretary schedules the appointment.

The appointment is scheduled by the secretary.

34. The firefighter extinguishes the fire.

The fire is extinguished by the firefighter.

35. The photographer takes the photo.

The photo is taken by the photographer.

36. The construction crew repairs the road.

The road is repaired by the construction crew.

37.The fans attend the concert.

The concert is attended by the fans.

38. The scientist derives the formula.

The formula is derived by the scientist.

39. The expert answers the questions.

The question is answered by the expert.

40.The technician fixes the problem.

The problem is fixed by the technician.

41. The citizen casts the vote.

The vote is cast by the citizen.

42. The hairstylist cuts the hair.

The hair is cut by the hairstylist.

43. Millions watch the show.

The show is watched by millions.

44. The team executes the plane.

The plan is executed by the team.

45. Everyone laughs at the joke.

The joke is laughed at by everyone.

46. The editor corrects the mistake.

The mistake is corrected by the editor.

47. The programmer writes the code.

The code is written by the programmer.

48. The athletes run the marathon.

The marathon is run by the athletes.

49. The striker scores the goal.

The goal is scored by the striker.

50. The mathematician finds the solution.

The solution is found by the mathematician.

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